Vision: Security and Diversity - with opportunities for everyone

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Oslo Prison is to be a secure place for everyone
- both for inmates and employees. We must also provide security for the community. Security will be established through effective, secure and humane routines, and a satisfactory level of care and protection, based on the values, principles and ethical guidelines of the Norwegian Correctional Services. This stated ambition is rooted in the Correctional Services' goals:

"Punishable actions and failures during imprisonment will be counteracted”, (objective 1).
"Serious, organized and extreme criminality will be opposed”, (objective 2); and:
"The period of imprisonment will be organized such that inmates/convicted prisoners are secured the services and rights provided for in current legislation"   (objective 5).


Our activities will provide for diversity. Oslo Prison's range of activities will not pursue one common approach, but be organized to meet several of the objectives of the Norwegian Correctional Services:

”The sentencing period must be adapted to each individual and be based on interaction between prison staff and the convicted/inmates" (objective 6).

An approach based on the different needs of different individuals should imply diversity of offerings. Very few of our 392 inmates have the same starting point with regard to risk and requirements. All have their different histories. Diversity must permeate our arrangements.

Our diversity must contribute to normalizing and generalizing and contribute to a successful return to the community. Diversity must also contribute to a good level of security. Diversity must consist of both special programmes and traditional activities, such as work, education, culture and leisure-time pursuits, environmental work and effective, goal-based conversations.

Diversity must also apply to our employees. There must be variation in the opportunities for each individual employee. We must operate with flexible paths to development and we must facilitate a life-phase oriented personnel policy.


Must comply with our ambition to: ”... make arrangements throughout the period of imprisonment to achieve a crime-free environment afterwards”, (objective).

'Opportunities' is a positive word. We will plan for rehabilitation based on the needs of each individual. However, this requires active involvement from inmates too.  Nobody will be forced into rehabilitation, but motivated for it. Our motivational efforts will continue throughout the entire period of custody.

”Arrangements must be made for offenders to be able to contribute to changing their pattern of criminal actions”, (part 2 of the main goals of the Norwegian Correctional Services).


means that nobody will be excluded from this ambition – employees and inmates.