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VISITORS TO DEPARTMENT C.('Pathfinders' - "Stifinneren").

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Security clearance of visitors
Before you are permitted to visit 'Pathfinders' you are required to be security-checked. Even if you have been cleared previously for admission to Department A or B you must nevertheless apply again before you can visit us. The reason for this is that in our department visits take place in inmates' own rooms, and we must therefore impose stricter demands for granting visitors access.

Application visit permit

The form must be completed and sent to:

Oslo Prison
Postboks 9292 Grønland

All visitors, except children below 15 years, must be security cleared.

Booking a Visit
As soon as you have been granted permission to visit you may ring us to book your visit. Bookings can be made weekdays from 07:00 - 21.00.

Visiting hours
Normal visiting hours are Thursdays between 17:00 - 20:00.              All visits requested for any other period must be applied for.

Receiving and handing out items
Inmates have the opportunity to both receive items from visitors or to hand out items to them. All items to be received or handed out must be delivered first to a member of staff for control. Permission for all items of personal property to be received or handed out - except for newspapers, magazines and letters - must be obtained in advance from a member of staff.

It is not permitted to bring food items into the department. Instead, we endeavour to create a more normal atmosphere around visits by allowing inmates to host the serving of food and drinks themselves. 

When you arrive on your visit
We receive visitors from 17:00 onwards. Please do not come before this time.
All visitors must bring with them documentation confirming their permission to visit, and will also be required to show valid identification in the form of a driver's licence, bank-card, passport or similar documentation. 
Visitors who are not recognised by employees, and who are unable to show proof of identity, will be refused entry. Children below 15 years are not required to show proof of identity.

Outer garments (coats), bags, mobile phones and other items of property you bring with you will be placed in a cloakroom locker.

Visitors to 'Pathfinders' ("Stifinnern") are requested
to use the same entrance as for Department B, in
the road entitled: Åkebergveien

Visits to inmates in 'Pathfinders' ("Stifinnern") are
conducted in the inmate's own room.