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General information for all visitors to Oslo Prison.

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Inmates may receive one visit per week.

Inmates receiving visits from their own children will also be granted one visit per week for this purpose.

Long-distance visitors (from abroad, other parts of the country, etc.) may be granted extra visits after submitting a written application by e-mail or letter.  

Booking a Visit:

Visitor clearance.
All persons wishing to visit inmates at Oslo fengsel must apply to do so using the form: 'Application for Visiting Permission.'

Inmates may send this form by letter.
The completed form is sent by the visitor to:

Oslo fengsel
Postboks 694

Or you may send it by e-mail. You must give your full name, date of birth, citizenship and also state your relationship with the inmate.

As soon as Oslo Prison receives the application it will initiate its clearance process. All visitors will be checked against the Police Department's Criminal Registry. 
As soon as the clearance process is complete, the prison will send a visit permit to the visitor. 
After receiving the permit, the visitor may book a visit to the inmate. The time taken to process the visit application typically takes 14 days.
In order to ensure peace, calmness and security at the prison, personal information about applicants of visitor permits is collected and registered. Examples of information collected include: name, address, personal ID number, relationship to the inmate, conduct and other relevant information from the police. 

If you wish to visit an inmate you must ensure that the inmate places you on his internally registered list of visitors. This practice is used so that inmates can themselves decide who they want to receive visits from.

Inmates can only receive visits from a limited number of persons. In addition to closest relatives, four names can be placed on the list of visitors, but these names may be changed from time to time if required. Visitors may not apply for clearance unless they are already on the list of visitors for the inmate they wish to visit. 

An inmate's own children, below 16 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult during the visit.
Children between 16 -18 years may visit their father without being accompanied by an adult; relationship with the inmate must be documented in advance as part of the initial security check prior to granting permission to visit the prison.  Permission from the child's closest relative (mother or guardian) is also necessary before permitting the visit.

These forms of consent may be downloaded here:

Forms of consent for visitors under 18 years.

Forms of consent for visitors under 16 years.

Further information for close relatives planning to visit inmates can be found here:

Department A

Department B

Department C

All other categories of visitors can click here:

Other visitors

To visit Dept A, please use this entrance from
Grønlandsleiret, popularly called "Olsenbanden


The entrance to Depts. B and C in the street named
Åkebergveien 11. Use the door on the left.

A common rule for all departments is that cash cannot be accepted during visits. The only approved method of sending money to inmates is to use a post giro or bank giro. Be especially careful and thorough when completing the giro form in order for the money to arrive timely.



IBAN: NO42 78740657592


The red arrows on the map show the entrances to the different departments when visiting the prison.