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Information to other visitors
(Solicitors, defence counsel, consulate representatives, psychiatrists, psychologists, interpreters, public employees, appointed prison visitors, and others)

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Visiting Times
All days 08:00 – 20:00

With the exception of public employees and visitors, it is necessary for all other categories of visitors to book visits in advance.

As a general rule, ALL categories are advised to contact the Visits Department in advance, in order to avoid refusal of admission due to lack of visiting capacity. Visiting times can be agreed with the Visits Department by contacting them on the following telephone numbers:

Department B: 23 30 19 80.
Department C: 23 30 18 83.

Officially-appointed defence counsel:
In accordance with the Norwegian Custodial Practising Law § 31 ('Straffegjennomføringsloven' § 31), appointed defence counsel, or officials meeting on their behalf, are entitled to unhindered visits with inmates.
Defence lawyers must show documentation confirming their defence appointment or other documentation confirming that the individual has been officially-appointed.

Consulate representatives
Consulate representatives are entitled to unhindered visits with inmates. Documentation from the respective Embassy must be shown on arrival.

Psychiatrists and psychologists
Psychiatrists and psychologists who, on behalf of the Courts, are given the task of conducting a judicial observation of individual persons, are entitled to unhindered visits. Documentation from the Court must be shown on arrival, prior to the visit.

Legal advisors in Civil matters
Solicitors representing inmates in civil cases are permitted to visit inmates. Documentation must be shown on arrival.

In the event of a change in solicitor, the newly appointed solicitor may be permitted to visit inmates without being in possession of documentation confirming his defence counsel appointment. Written request from the inmate must be presented.

Interpreters must attend accompanied by defence counsel, solicitors or other relevant professional partners.

Public employees
Public employees, in this connection, are council employees, or employees of the county or state (e.g. priest in the state church, health personnel, child welfare and child protection, caseworkers, etc.).  Appropriate documentation must be presented on arrival.

Unless there are particular grounds for suspecting legally punishable actions, appointed solicitors, defence counsel and consulate representatives need not be security-cleared by the police or monitored by use of metal detectors or other detection facilities prior to the visit.  Such controls can only be administered upon orders from the Prison Director.

All other visitors can be subjected to monitoring by use of metal detectors.

A Solicitors' Visiting Room - Department B